Daylight Photodynamic Therapy

What is Daylight PDT

Daylight PDT is administered to treat solar damage (actinic keratosis) and some early skin cancers on the face and scalp.

This treatment is an alternative to surgery or cryotherapy.

How Does The Treatment Work

Daylight PDT utilises a chemical reaction activated by light energy from the sun. The treatment selectively targets lesions, sparing healthy tissue, meaning that side effects such as scarring are minimised.

How Is The Treatment Administered

The treatment is administered under the care and guidance of specialist dermatologist Dr Rod Gillespie who is assisted by our medical aesthetic nurse. Dr Gillespie's experience and knowledge ensures that only appropriate lesions are treated.

After an initial consultation your treatment will be scheduled to be administered for a day where you are able to stay outdoors, exposed to daylight, for two hours.

On the day of treatment:

  • Sunscreen will be applied to all areas that will be exposed to daylight including the treatment area.
  • The lesions to be treated will be prepared and the activation cream Metvix will be applied.
  • Within thirty minutes after the application of Metvix you will then be directed to expose the treatment area to daylight for two hours.
  • When the two hours of daylight exposure has finished the Metvix cream will be removed with water and an appropriate cleanser.

What To Expect After Treatment

Within the first two-three days the skin will become red, tight and there may be some crusting. Once this peels away the skin will remain pink for up to seven days or so depending on the severity of the sun damage and the skin’s response to the treatment.

Generally healing is complete within seven days. You are advised not to wear makeup for a few days after treatment.

What Is The Cost

The initial consultation with Dr Gillespie will be $260 and you will receive a Medicare rebate of $74.

The treatment will then cost $520. From this amount you will be entitled to a Medicare rebate of $38 and with some health care funds you may also be entitled to a further rebate of this fee.

What Are The Benefits Of PDT Daylight Therapy

  • Limited impact on your lifestyle.
  • Treatment takes as little as 2.5 hours.
  • Minimal pain is experienced during and after treatment.
  • Multiple lesions can be treated in one treatment session.
  • A good cosmetic outcome can be expected.

Make An Appointment

You will need to obtain a Doctor's referral for your appointment.

Please contact our rooms to schedule an initial consultation.