Vitiligo Treatment

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is condition that causes loss of pigmentation in the skin. The skin cells lose the ability to produce melanin which protects the skin form UV rays.


Vitiligo causes patches of skin to become much lighter than surrounding areas and can occur in people with all types of skin colour. The discolouration makes the skin appear blotchy and white and often appears around the hands.

Causes of Vitiligo:

A lot of research has been undertaken to understand the causes of Vitiligo and it appears that the causes are most likely:

• Related to the autoimmune system
• Stress
• Neural
• Viral

How is vitiligo diagnosed?

A physical exam, followed by a look at the family history of the patient are usually enough to confirm vitiligo.

How is it treated?

In minor cases, cosmetics can cover up the affected areas, however light therapy can be used to reintroduce pigment into the skin. Consult your dermatologist to discuss the most appropriate treatment for each case.