Shingles Treatment

What are shingles?

Shingles are the result of infection by the herpes zoster virus. It is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus, which the patient has contracted previously and treated.


Shingles causes a similar outbreak to chicken pox, however in most cases in most cases it is more severe and painful. The infection will spread rapidly and cover large parts of the body, becoming inflamed, red and sore.

Causes of shingles:

A person with shingles must have to have previously contracted the chickenpox virus earlier in life. It often occurs in people that are experiencing a lowered immune system, are suffering from another illness or injury or are over 50,

How are shingles diagnosed?

Your Doctor will diagnose from a skin examination, and take a small sample of skin from part of the blistered area for further analysis if required to make a complete diagnosis.

How is it treated?

Left untreated, shingles will eventually heal themselves, however it is recommended to seek some relief from the painful symptoms. Anti-viral medication and pain relievers may be necessary in extreme cases as the symptoms can be very uncomfortable, particularly when wearing clothing or sleeping.