Ring Worm Treatment

What is ring worm?

Although the condition is still called ring worm, it is not caused by a worm of any type. This is a misconception dating back to the first occurrence of the condition where it was believed to be caused by a worm or parasite entering the body. It is actually a fungal infection of the skin.


Symptoms may differ between people but generally include the appearance of red spots appearing on the skin in a ring shape, hence the name.

Causes of causes of ring worm:

Ring worm is a fungal infection and is easily spread through skin to skin contact, as well as from sharing common household items like a hair brush. The ringworm infection is also common among domesticated pets and can be transferred from animals to humans.

How is ring worm diagnosed?

A skin examination will determine the presence of a ring worm infection. When making the diagnosis, it is sometimes necessary for your doctor to use a black light to check for ringworm, which will be illuminate in a different colour under the black light.

How is it treated?

Treatment of ring worm depends on the severity of the infection. Your doctor will generally prescribe creams to fight the infection which are applied regularly to the trouble areas. It is important to ensure you take precautions around the home, ensuring clothing and bedding is washed regularly, as well as having pets checked regularly.