Perioral Dermatitis Treatment

What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a rash that becomes inflamed and red, and usually occurs around the mouth area, and sometimes the nasal region as well.


Sufferers of perioral dermatitis experience flare ups that resemble pimples, and the skin becomes, inflamed, dry and flaky.

Causes of Perioral Dermatitis:

Although it unsure exactly what causes perioral dermatitis, there is research to suggest that it may result from either the use of other medications to treat another condition, or from a reaction to make up and other cosmetic products.

How is Perioral Dermatitis diagnosed?

Visual assessments of perioral dermatitis are usually supported with a skin culture sample to be lab tested in order to ensure a correct diagnosis is reached.

How is it treated?

Treatment usually involves preventative measures such as changing the type of cosmetics or toothpaste used to reduce the appearance of perioral dermatitis. Sever cases may require medication to assist the healing process.