Nail Fungus Treatment

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungi are living, microscopic organisms that cause in infection in the fingernails or toenails.


Symptoms of nail fungus include discolouration of the infected areas (usually a brownish yellow) and damage to the nail causing it to deteriorate, chip or crack.

Causes of nail fungus:

Toenails are an especially accommodating environment for fungal infections, as fungi do not need sunlight to grow and prefer dark, moist environments. This makes toenails susceptible, particularly when appropriate foot hygiene is not practiced.

How is nail fungus diagnosed?

In most cases it will be apparent that a patient is suffering from a fungal nail infection, however to ensure that treatment is most effective, a sample of the nail may need to be tested.

How is it treated?

Prevention is the best cure for nail fungus. Maintaining proper hygiene and regularly washing your feet, changing socks and not allowing shoes to retain moisture and sit in dark places will help to avoid contracting a nail fungus. Anti-fungal sprays and creams are available to reduce the symptoms.