Melasma Treatment

What is Melasma?

Melasma is skin condition commonly contracted by adult women and tends to be localised to the facial area. Melasma is very uncommon in males.


Common symptoms displayed by people who have contracted melasma include discolouration to areas around the face, cheeks and jaw and can appear as brownish or grey patches on the skin.

Causes of Melasma:

Whilst the exact causes of melasma are not clear, it is commonly associated with UV light exposure and occurs when the pigment in the skin is ‘over coloured’.

How is Melasma diagnosed?

Melasma can be visually diagnosed, however it may be necessary to using lighting equipment on the affected area in order to assess how deep into the skin the melasma is

How is it treated?

Skin lightening steroidal treatment can be applied to the affected area to reduce the effect of hyper pigmentation. In some cases, a chemical peel may be required to address the condition effectively.