Hair Loss Treatment

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs when hair from the head or body begins to fall out or thin, and can occur gradually or rapidly. It can occur in both males and females.


Areas where hair previously existed on the body begin to lose thickness or become completely hairless.

Causes of hair loss:

Causes of hair loss can be difficult to determine, but can stem from illness, change in diet or lifestyle, hormonal changes, reactions to medication or may be hereditary.

How is hair loss diagnosed?

Your dermatologist will examine the area affected by hair loss and test the remaining hair and in some cases may need to compare to other areas of your body to make a comparison about the condition.

How is it treated?

Treatment for hair loss can be treated by medication, either orally or by application to the affected area. In some cases laser treatment can be used to stop the thinning or loss of hair and some people may opt for hair replacement therapy.