Dry Skin Treatment

What is dry skin?

Any area of skin that is lacking in sufficient moisture and essentially becomes dehydrated and uncomfortable.


The main symptom of this condition is itching in the affected area which can worsen when a person continues to scratch the area to relieve the discomfort.

Causes of dry skin:

There are a range of causes of dry skin. Environmental factors such as humidity, exposure to long periods in air conditioning or central heating, and winter weather can also cause dryness of the skin.

How is dry skin diagnosed?

Your dermatologist will be able to assess the occurrence of dry skin on sight and may also ask for information about any family history of the condition, as well as lifestyle factors or changes in clothing or washing powders as this can sometimes affect the skin.

Treatment of dry skin

Treatment of dry skin is usually simple and involves over the counter moisturising cream to be applied to the affected area regularly to improve the symptoms. Identifying possible lifestyle triggers, such as walking in winter winds, may also help reduce the occurrence of dry skin.